All our donations goes towards one of the three programs: Spay/Neuter, Emergency Medical, and No-Kill Rescues. We help both pet owners and rescues. We have been around since April 2009 but recently started sharing stories of who we have helped.

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Tiger (January 2016)

Only 1.5 years old and 4-5lbs was hit by car that resulted in a broken leg and a back paw so badly injured that it needed to be amputated. Owner was unemployed for a long time but finally found a job but didn’t have all the money to pay for this expensive surgery. Paws helped with the cost of these surgeries and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Daisy (December 2015)

Daisy is a medical service dog that torn her ACL. Her disabled and senior owner did not pay any of his personal bills including his rent so he can pay for her surgery but it still wasn’t enough. The only other option was to euthanize her because she was in pain so Paws helped with the cost. The veterinary clinic complimentary boarded Daisy for a few weeks so she was fully recovered and able to assist her owner when she went back home.

Cece (November 2015)

At only 8 weeks old, Cece lived a horrible life. She was taken from a home that was suspected of using her to toughen up their other pit bulls to fight. She was found with over 100 bites and deep wounds that became severely infected and needed immediate medical attention so Paws covered all her treatment and she went into a foster home. The foster and her dogs absolutely loved Cece so they ended up adopting her!

Little Girl (October 2015)

Little Girl and her sister were dumped and found by a good Samaritan that decided to board them until a rescue was able to take. While boarded, the vet discovered she had the largest bladder stones that surgically needed to be removed. The likely option was to euthanize her to put her out of her pain but the good samaritan reached out to Paws pleading for help. She is the sweetest 6 years old dog that deserved to finally have a happy life so Paws agreed to get this emergency surgery for her which resulted in 30 stones removed. She quickly recovered and found a rescue to take Little Girl and her sister

Mitzy (September 2015)

Mitzy was bitten by a spider when she was 4 months old. Her wound wasn’t treated properly for over a month because her owner couldn’t afford it so the wound became infected causing a huge hole in her abdomen that needed major surgery to close. Paws helped Mitzy get surgery to repair her abdomen and she has fully healed and doing great.

Lemmy (August 2015)

Lemmy was playing and hit her leg on the couch frame and was limping in pain. Owner was distraught because he thought her leg was broke and couldn’t afford to fix it so was going to surrender her. Paws agreed to help Lemmy and her X-ray showed that her toes were broken but didn’t need surgery. With splinting, pain medications, and a few vet rechecks, Lemmy’s toes healed and she was back to playing and her owner was able to keep her.

Cocoa (July 2015)

Cocoa’s owner gave her away to a friend after 8 years because she couldn’t afford her care. Cocoa wasn’t eating and very lethargic so new owner thought she was just depressed but realized cocoa had severe dental disease. She needed 17 teeth pulled and already lost some prior. New owner couldn’t afford the entire surgery so paws helped. One day after surgery cocoa is acting like an entirely new dog and loving her new owners.

Osiris (June 2015)

Osiris had a foreign object stuck in his intestines and major surgery was needed to remove the object along with part of his intestines. This type of surgery cost thousands of dollars and owners couldn’t afford it all. They did everything they could to raise the money, even having car washes on the street. They ended up with half of the money but Osiris could not wait any longer so Paws helped with the other half of the cost. He made a full recovery and is doing great

Jaycee (May 2015)

Jaycee was dumped at a park with her eye popping out. She was in excruciating pain and shaking. A good Samaritan found her and Paws helped with the eye removal and spay. She is recovering and will be fostered until this sweet little girl finds a forever home

Charlotte (May 2015)

Severely neglected and overbred. Poor Charlotte will need long term and extensive treatment. PAWS made a big donation to help this girl get the treatment she needs so she can heal and live a good life.

Maya (April 2015)

Maya is our first official “HOPE” case. Her owner was living at a homeless shelter with Maya but became deathly ill. She had to be hospitalized for some time and no one could care for Maya. She was refusing to be admitted fearing Maya would have to go to a kill shelter and be euthanized before she could get out. PAWS program paid for Maya to be boarded until owner was released. Owner then was able to be hospitalized knowing she will be reunited with her little girl once she gets better.

Chelsey (April 2015)

Chelsey was found severely matted and lethargic. A good Samaritan tried to get her groomed but she screamed from the pain because of the knots. Her teeth were so bad she had an infection and it affected her blood count. PAWS got Chelsey an extensive dental, spay, and shaved all her mattes off. A rescue now has this little 8 year old and she’s looking for a home.

Fluffy (May 2015)

He was stray for 10 years then a nice couple decided to take him in their home. They noticed he wasn’t eating and always believed he only had one eye. Turns out he needed a full mouth extraction because they were all rotte and his eye was still there but eye lid was flipped and constantly scraping his cornea, it was too painful to keep it open. PAWS fixed him up (even got him a bath) and now he’s loving being in a home.

Rosie (April 2015)

Rosie broke her leg and pet owner could not afford the entire treatment. He was considering to surrender her to rescue just so she can get treatment but PAWS was able to help with the cost so he could keep this lovable girl and she could stay in her forever home.

Chunky (October 2014)

Chunky started losing a lot of weight so owner was concerned since Chunky likes to eat things at the dog park. One vet told owner to not worry and it will pass but he kept losing weight. Owner couldn’t afford much so we referred him to a vet we work with for X-rays and a tennis ball was found. It had been in there for some time so Chunky needed abdominal surgery and a foot of his intestines taken out. This strong guy healed quickly and was back playing at the dog park in two weeks.

Parvo Puppy (March 2015)

A family in Utah came across a puppy outside of a fast food restaurant in 20 degree weather while it was snowing. She was shaking like crazy rolled up in a ball while everyone was just passing by. They couldn’t leave her so they took her home and noticed she was very lethargic with diarrhea. They brought her to vet to find out she had parvovirus. Treatment is very expensive and they couldn’t afford it but wanted to keep her. PAWS helped with the life saving treatment and she is now a happy healthy puppy.

Midnight (March 2015)

Midnight started vomiting and became extremely lethargic. His owner is battling cancer and has been out of work for some time and cannot afford blood work, fluids, and exam. PAWS was able to help Midnight get the necessary treatment and medication and he is doing great now.

Tritan November 2014

Rescued by Animal Network from Lied. He was dumped at Lied because he was being picked on by his litter mates, was a runt, and not gaining weight. He would have been euthanized by Lied because he hasn’t gained weight which we believe now is possibly due to a parasite. PAWS is sponsoring his treatment and he will be available for adoption once he recovers through Animal Network

Pit Pup October 2014

Adopt a rescue pet saved a litter of 10 Pitbull pups. They all had parvo and all recovered but one didn’t make it. These three pups had it the worst and needed hospitalization at West Charleston Animal Hospital. PAWS funded their treatment and now all 9 are looking for homes through Adopt a Rescue Pet.

Gulliver October 2014

He was rescued by Animal Network from Lied because he was going to euthanized due to injuries. He was mostly likely a bait dog because of all the wounds and injuries he sustained. His eye is severely damaged and he still may lose it. PAWS is funding his treatment and he will be up for adoptions through Animal Network.

Pennies – Jan 2014

I want to say a big thank you to PAWS. If it wasn’t for PAWS acting fast and helping us with the cost of our puppy’s surgery, he would not be with us today. We adopted a puppy and could not be more thrilled but after two days into being with us, he started acting very lethargic. By the next morning he had thrown up and couldn’t move. I rushed him to our local vet and did tons of tests and blood work. After spending all the money we had left, we found out our puppy swallowed several coins.

He needed an emergency surgery and didn’t have much left in him to fight and survive without it. We were at the end of our financial rope and could not afford the surgery. We were able to get him his surgery that night. He is currently recovering and is better than ever.

The coins had been in his belly before the adoption agency rescued him. A grand total of 21 cents: six pennies, a dime and a nickel. Another thank you to PAWS, without your help this story would have a different ending.

Roscoe – Oct 2013

Roscoe has cancer but luckily it did not spread so doctors agreed that leg amputation would be his best option to live. PAWS helped the owner get this life saving surgery. Roscoe is now doing great, missing a leg does not slow him down a bit.

Oscar the Grouch – Feb 2012

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar had cherry eye and his rescue, Mastiff Land Retreat, could not afford the huge bill to fix it. Spencer Springs Animal Hospital was able to do the surgery for ¼ of the price and PAWS paid for it. Full recovery and he is doing wonderfully but is still a grouch.

Blair – June 2012


Blair was living in a home with a disabled child that kept unintentionally abusing her. Leah, a Paws volunteer caddy, gave her a loving home she deserves.

“Thanks to PAWS, I met my little girl (Blair) at the Golf Charity Tournament at Bear’s Best! She’s wonderful!”

Sam – Jan 2012


Sam was 6 months old when he was hit by car and was going to be euthanized because the owner could not afford to pay for his leg to be amputated. Knoah’s Ark Pet Rescue saved him and was adopted by Paws committee members, Joe and Taryn.

“Thank you PAWS for helping to find me a new home! I love my new family. We go for walks, play fetch, and they even give some a few nibbles of leftovers if I’m a good boy! Love, Sam.”

Rock-O – Aug 2012


Rock-O found his forever home but needed treatment before he could go there. PAWS helped with the funding towards his neuter surgery and pneumonia treatment.

AZ Dog’s Story – April 2011

AZ Dog

AZ Dog
The two pups were abandoned in a home that was foreclosed upon in Chandler, AZ until they were found. With the help of dog lovers in AZ, we were able to save them on the day they were to be euthanized and found them permanent homes.

Tuck – June 2012


Someone saw Tuck get hit by a car so he brought him to an emergency vet. He broke his pelvis. Because he was a stray and the laws regarding stray pets, he could not receive proper treatment for over a week. He was finally released to A Home 4 Spot and the good Samaritan and his partner that found him actually ended up adopting him.

After 6 week, Tuck is walking away. He gets along great with the other dogs. He’s also come out of his shell and knows he’s in a loving and comfortable home where he’s loved and he gives that love right back!

Tyson – March 2012


At 9 months old, he was hit by and his owner could not afford any treatment and he would have been put down because he needed his leg amputated. The owner turned him over to Paws and we took him to the vet and got his leg amputated, neutered, and vaccinated. Tison was adopted and he and his owner are so happy now. He is on his way to full recovery and does not even know he is missing a leg.

Mindy – June 2012


She was up for adoption at Paws Golf 2012 with Foreclosed Upon Pets because her owners left her behind when they lost their house.
She got adopted and is now is in her forever home.

Maxwell – July 2012


On the day he was going to be euthanized, Paws, Knoah’s Ark Pet Rescue, and Mastiff Land Retreat saved Maxwell. Since he showed aggression one time and due to his size, he was transported to a 35 acre ranch in Colorado, Blue Lion Rescue, that specializes in 100-200 pound dogs with questionable temperaments.

Lisa Kavanaugh from Blue Lion Rescue
Wanna update you on one of my “fav’s” here.  I’m head over heels on Maxwell.  He knows it too.  We moved him into a kennel with a girlfriend a couple of days ago.  Daisy crawls thru 3 kennels to go visit her new boyfriend everyday.  So once in awhile he has 2 girl’s with him.  He sits so pretty each morning I take my 3 out for a potty walk watching me and waiting for me to say “good morning Max u sexy beast!”  He whines for my attentions.  I think he loves me too.  All’s he wants is a rub and some kisses.  He’s settled into our routine nicely and he’s doing fab! 

Neuter & Vaccination – August 2011

Neuter & Vaccination

Thank you for getting me neutered and vaccinated.

Knoah’s Ark Pet Rescue Dog – Nov 2011

Knoah's Ark

After being dumped, Knoah’s Ark Pet Rescue had taken him in. He had severe stomach bloat and needed emergency surgery. The surgery was successful but it took months of healing. Today he is doing great and on his way to a full recovery.

Dog & Cat Food Donations – Sept 2012

Dog & Cat Food Donations

Paws donated 25 Bags of Dog and Cat Food for Pet Owners Suffering from Life-threatening Illnesses.

Prince – Nov 2012


His owner lost his home and job and moved to Colorado with friends but they will not allow Prince since Prince shows signs of dog aggression and they have dogs. His owner considered putting him down because all rescues were to full. Paws set up for him to take Prince to Blue Lion Rescue and Sanctuary in Colorado. Now his owner can visit Prince (2 hour drive) whenever he wants and can take him back once he gets on his feet.

I want to thank Paws for helping Prince to be able to go there. It saved his life and part of mine. The thought that I can see him is just one of the best things I have right now. Denver is nice but it will be nicer when he is home with me. You have made a difference in my life and that means a lot to me!

Oscar – Dec 2011


Oscar had a tumor that was so big it started splitting the skin apart. We are seniors and have fixed income and the funds to get this removed were way beyond our ability to get this done. We were blessed with the finances through you to successfully get this removed and he is now completely recovered and we are spared the trauma of seeing our beloved pet go through anymore pain, or worse yet, anymore trouble that would have been life threatening because of this type of illness.
It is so heartbreaking when one of your pets gets ill and there isn’t anything you can do about it because you don’t have the money to get it fixed.

We can’t thank your Org. enough for the generous help you afforded and the dedication that you put into helping animals that need it.

Hershey, Chapito, and Guerra – May 2012

Hershey, Chapito and Guerra

Out in the sun with no shade and hungry.
PAWS, La La for Animals, and Incredibulls were able to provide and install shelter, food, collars, and have all 3 of them spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

“A very big thank you for helping change the wellbeing of our pitbulls. Couldn’t have came at a better time to help us out with so much!! So grateful to know that people out there really help make a tough situation better, thank you very much!!”

Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5) – June 2012

Community Cat Coalition of Clark County

PAWS donation allowed C5 to trap, spay, and release 200 cats in the Las Vegas Valley area

Alec – June 2012

Alec is suffering from cancer and his monthly medication costs $200 a month.
PAWS donated to Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada to help pay for his medication.
Alec continues to live his life in a wonderful foster home.  He continues to regress daily but to him life is good.

Huelo – Feb 2011


Huelo had a bad ear infection for a few months and his owner could not afford the few hundred dollars bill. PAWS sent her to Spencer Springs and was able to help pay the bill with a full recovery.

When our dog had an bad ear infection, Paws helped me get him to a vet. Paws was so quick to respond to my email, so helpful with good advice and like a miracle: so generous in helping to pay the bills. Thank you so much! Ahlonne and Huelo are as happy as you made me! Very much appreciated!

20 Boxers – April 2011

20 Boxers

The husband of a small boxer rescue just outside of Vegas sustained a severe head trauma injury and is in the brain trauma center in Vegas. The wife travels back and forth and is in dire need of food for their animals.

PAWS donated 500 POUNDS of dog food to help them get through this hard time

Jade – Sept 2013


Jade is a 2-year-old pit mix, was rescued by a nice young woman who found her chained to a fence and laying in her own feces in a very transient area behind the Las Vegas Strip. Jade has medical issues which we are trying to get under control. She has scabies and most of her hair is gone, she has terrible itching, and raw/broken/swollen skin. It also appears that she may have had a litter of puppies recently, yet no puppies were found anywhere. Jade is extremely sweet and trusting. Paws is sponsoring her so she can be ‘fixed up’, she will be a great companion for someone!