Board Members

Paws is made up of dedicated volunteers, we do not have any paid employees so 100% of donations goes towards the cause.

(R to L: Candra, Jennifer, Dr Jon Kemp, James)

James Hubert: Co-Founder, Chairman, and host of the annual PAWS Golf Invitational
My inspiration to start this non profit organization was because of my dog, Chocolate who was the most precious soul I have ever come across. She was my best friend that I rescued. She showed myself and the world what it meant to be a “inherently good”…I just want to pay back her kind and I believe everybody should too!

Jennifer Luczak: Co-Founder, President

Candra Sumedhatip: Social Media Manager, professional golfer

Dr. Jon Kemp: Our trusted vet at West Charleston Animal Hospital who help discount the medical care for the pets we help.

Sean Lyttle: Attorney who offers us legal advice while running his own firm, The Law Offices of Sean D. Lyttle.

Bob Welling: Director of Accounts Management at PRG