What We Do

Paws provides funds and services to pet owners that are seniors, suffering from financial hardship, or from illness and no-kill pet rescues. We do not house any pets but may be able to assist you in finding a home for your pet.


We currently has 4 programs that target major problems.
Paws Spay/Neuter Voucher Program is to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem and unnecessary euthanasia by providing funds to cover part of the cost of the pet sterilization surgery for dogs and cats to pet owners in the Las Vegas area in need of financial assistance due to low-income, age, health, and hardship.
Paws Pet Emergencies provides funds and services to assist in emergency situations, both medical and non-medical to preserve the life, health, and welfare of animals.
Paws Pet Rescues: We provide funds and services to non-profit, 501(c)3, no-kill rescue groups so they can continue to save lives and reduce pet homelessness.

Our newest program: Hope (Helping Owners of Pets with Emergencies): The program is for low income pet owners experiencing medical emergencies and are unable to temporarily care for their animals. The services this program offers include short term pet boarding and dog walking for service dogs while pet owner is in the hospital