Adopting vs Buying

Why Adopt

When you’re ready to get a pet, the best place to find one is your local animal shelter or breed rescue group. They have plenty of purebreds, mixed-breeds, big pets and little pets — you’re sure to find a great companion. Shelters are full of healthy, great animals who were surrendered not because of their behavior but generally due to a change in circumstances of their family: a divorce, a move, a new baby or because their family was not ready for all the responsibilities of having a pet.

Additionally, pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups usually cost less than pets purchased or even obtained for free, due to the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping,and deworming treatments. Pets fro shelters and rscue groups are usually already house-trained and often even have been trained with most common commands.

Finally, adoption will not only save the life of the pet you are adopting but will also make room and free up precious resources for another animal that the shelter will take in. When you adopt from a shelter or rescue group, you’ll give a pet a second chance at finding a home, open up space for other homeless pets, and not add to the nation’s pet overpopulation problem.