Emergency Medical

Paws Pet Emergencies Program helps defray the cost of emergency veterinary care for owners and no-kill rescue groups unable to meet the expense of the services. It is intended for a one-time intervention in a life-threatening situation for an otherwise healthy pet. The program is designed to meet a need in the community that is currently not met by existing organizations.


We cannot tell you over the phone if we can help until we receive your application and all required information.  If you have a pet emergency that needs immediate assistance, please go to the nearest emergency clinic because our program involves an application process.

Because of the number of applications we receive and limited funds, we are not able to help everyone that applies. Decisions are based upon several factors, including: medical urgency, financial need, amount of funds needed, available funding and eligibility. Funds are paid directly to a veterinarian office (one of the clinics PAWS works with) and not to an individual. We are not able to help with past bills for services already rendered.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The pet requires medical attention for an unforeseen illness or injury
  • A licensed veterinarian believes this unforeseen illness or injury has a positive prognosis for survival and there is a solid chance for a good quality of life with the sought treatment. We will need a copy of estimate charges/medical plan. If your pet has not been seen by a veterinarian, then we can refer to a vet we work with for a complimentary or low-cost exam.
  • Pet owner has applied for Care Credit and either exceeded credit limit or was denied. We will need a copy of the denial letter or proof that the credit limit has been used. We also ask that you try to raise funds on your own through fundraising platforms like Give Forward and ask your current credit companies for limit increases.
  • Your pet must be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations (if not then include plans for having this done). Applicants that are pet owners (this does not apply to rescues) must not have received any funding from PAWS for an emergency or spay/neuter in the past 12 months.

Submit these items along with this completed application by email: info@pawslv.org or fax (702) 666-0105. Applications will not be considered until we have all of the following

  1. Proof of financial hardship: a copy of your most recent paystub, last year’s W-2 or tax return, social security benefit verification letter, proof of unemployment, or proof of disability
  2. You are required to apply to Care Credit before submitting this application, so please show proof that you exceeded your limit or denial letter. You may ask your vet to provide this proof to us
  3. A veterinarian estimate of charges for the procedures to be done (or have clinic do so).

Once an application is submitted online, you can expect to receive a response via e-mail within 2 business days, so please check your spam inbox if you do not receive an e-mail within that time frame. We may also require further information.

This program does not receive any government funding and we solely rely on the donations we receive from the public. Please donate to help us save lives.

To complete an application on line, click here or Emergency Application and e-mail to info@pawslv.org, fax to (702) 666-0105, or mail to 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. Ste 2922 • Las Vegas, NV 89107 (mailing will cause a delay in our response.